Summer of Bravado Winds Down

So Paul Pierce told the world that he’s the better than Kobe, better than LeBron, and better than everyone else on the planet, for that matter. Good for him. After winning his first NBA championship and being named Finals MVP, he was entitled to declare himself the King of England, as far as I’m concerned.

But now that August has turned to September, maybe we should all think about taking our party hats off, and slowly returning ourselves to reality.

In my reality, it all comes down to KG.

Isn’t that clear to everyone?

We don’t have KG last year, we don’t have the league’s best defense and we don’t have an inside presence. I know not everyone agrees with the notion that KG gives us an inside presence. But those who disagree may want to take a gander at this video and that video and maybe even this video (admittedly, the last video is the most demonstrative. The other two mix in some jumpers) .

True, KG is no Wilt.

KG rarely goes down in the low post, turns his back on the defender, and then yells “here I am, GIVE ME THE DAMN BALL!” No, you can see from these videos that it’s more subtle than that.

At the same time, KG does seem to own the paint against the Lakers, as well as against a number of other so-called “elite” teams. So before you go off and get all worried about the RETURN OF ANDREW BYNUM (something we’ll be hearing about incessantly over the next few months), I say take a close look at the 12/30/07 game at Staples (video #3 above), and you’ll see that, with a little help from Kendrick Perkins, the Ticket sent Bynum to the showers, tail between his legs.

KG stays healthy this year and you can expect an entertaining and satisfying sequel when it comes to low-post beatdowns against the purple.

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