KC Jones Hopes that Acres, Lewis, and Lohaus will Bolster Boston's Bench

The Mark Acres Chronicles

All K.C. Jones ever wanted during the 1986-87 season was some useful fresh bodies, players with a few NBA skills who would enable him to present a different look, or run by somebody for a sneaky basket or merely buy four or five minutes when a key man was in foul trouble.

He thinks he's found that help in rookies Reggie Lewis, Brad Lohaus and Mark Acres. Their presence might also aid in bringing out the best that other players, such as Jerry Sichting and Darren Daye, have to offer. Even though Antoine Carr never made it to Boston (there was little likelihood Atlanta would ever have permitted this), there will be even more substantial assistance. All of this won't add up to the Bill Walton-Scott Wedman tandem of 1985-86, but it surely makes the Celtics a far more formidable team than the one which gutsed its way to the Finals against Los Angeles last spring.

Each youngster has certain well-defined skills which, when taken together, form a nice auxiliary package. "Each stands out in some way," says K.C. Jones. "Reggie has that great first step and the possibility of becoming a good defensive player, somebody who can take Dennis' place down the road. Brad can shoot and pass the ball, and he's starting to become a factor board-wise. Mark is a board man, and he has very good hands inside."

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