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A Snapshot of Antoine after 5 games


Antoine Walker's Rookie Campaign

Five games into the season, Walker is averaging 12.4 points and five rebounds. Critiquing his early-season performance, Walker would like to rebound and pass more effectively, and cut down on turnovers (2.6). He has superior passing skills for a big man, but sometimes appears to be trying to do too much with the ball.


Michael said...

Allow me to imagine the paragraph that followed:

"His coach, however, had a slightly different take: 'We want Antoine to be aggressive,' said M.L. Carr. 'We need him to make plays. If he has to drive into five guys and throw up a shot towards the bucket like a sick drunk, well...we need him to be aggressive.' Carr proceeded to walk away giggling to himself and rubbing his hands together like a cartoon villain (Gargamel comes to mind) and muttering something about NBA scratch tickets until he disappeared behind a curtain."

Lex said...


That's pretty good.

You should have your own blog.

I might have to steal your idea.

I post so many old articles.

Imagining paragraphs as commentary.

I like it!

Michael said...

Well, I was very inspired in this case. I had high hopes for Antoine and even when I only had hopes, he was still a favorite. M.L. never did him any favors as far as I'm concerned...I don't know about my own blog, but thanks for the compliment!

And steal away, too.. :o)

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