Were the 2008 Celtics the Best Defensive Team Ever?

According to John Hollinger

All-time defensive efficiency leaders, relative to league, Since league began tracking turnovers in 1973-74
                  Defens    League
Team Year Effic Effic Differential
Spurs 03-04 92.31 100.84 -8.53
Knicks 92-93 96.77 105.07 -8.20
Celtics 07-08 96.16 104.14 -7.98
Knicks 93-94 95.85 103.72 -7.83
Spurs 04-05 95.80 103.09 -7.29

It's hard to believe that none of the three Pistons championship teams made the top five or the 87 Laker team.


Anonymous said...

My math professor once told: there are little lies, big lies and then statistics!

I dont give too much important to numbers in basketball: it isnt chess, nor astronomy...

The Kid said...

This is one of those cases where the numbers don't lie. The defense played by the Knicks teams of the 90's is almost unmatched except for maybe the Heat teams that came along later in the 90's. With the softening of defense in this decade I can't give it to the '08 Celtics.

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