Easing into 7-1

We only had a month off. Guys are tired. Last year, we had three months to prepare. Even though we are still on the same page with each other, you still have to get back and get a rhythm.

--Rajon Rondo

After defeating the Boston Celtics 4-2 in the 1987 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers weren't satisfied. No, they were still pumped. They started the next season 49-10.

Then the bubble burst.

They finished the season 13-10 and won the championship only after dragging arse through the playoffs, going the distance in last three series. Truth be told, Detroit should have beat them in the Finals. They were up 3-2 and had leads in both games 6 and 7.

The Boston Celtics are taking a different path.

Despite being 7-1 and not having relinquished 100 points to date, the Celtics are still getting their bearings. While other teams are sprinting from game to game, apparently trying to make some kind of "statement," the Green are preparing for a longer distance race.

Having played 126 games last season, Doc has the team on the right path. There's no use killing yourself in November when championships are won in May and June.

If we lose home court because we gave the starters a little extra rest, so be it.

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