Hondo just another face in the Crowd to Antoine

Antoine Walker's Rookie Campaign

By this time next week, the debates will be renewed. You thought the NBA's Top 50 players list caused some controversy? How about a list that recognizes the top 10 all-time teams and coaches?

Those lists should be announced next week. And before the conjecture starts, John Havlicek would like you to know which Celtics championship team from the 1960s should be singled out as the best: '62-63.

"That team had the most depth and had great, great players," said Havlicek, a visitor at yesterday's practice. "Just look at all the guys on the team who were part of NCAA champions. There was myself, Bill Russell, K.C. (Jones), (Bob) Cousy, Clyde (Lovellette). That's five guys who won championships in college. That in itself is an accomplishment."

He stole what?

Before leaving practice, Havlicek spotted rookie Antoine Walker. Walker was friendly, but he walked by Havlicek and M.L. Carr as if he didn't recognize the Hall of Famer.

"I bet he doesn't know who you are," Carr said. "Hey, Antoine . . . "

Walker returned.

"Do you know who this is?" Carr asked.

The rookie shook his head.

"This is John Havlicek."

Walker smiled and the two shook hands. A few minutes later, Eric Williams walked by, smiled and said, "Havlicek stole the ball!"

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Lex said...

62-63, huh?

I'll have to look, but I don't think Bob Ryan had them in his top ten.

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