On Pace with Last Year

Celtics  8-1
Lakers 7-0
Hawks 6-1
Cavs 6-2

After losing the third game of the season by 16 points to Indiana, the Celtics have reeled off six straight wins to pull even with our start last year, when we won the first 8 games, lost to Orlando by two, won three more and then lost to Cleveland in overtime, for an 11-2 start (from there we went 18-1 over the next 19 games!)

Saturday night's game in Milwaukee sounds like a downer to me, not necessarily a loser, just not a high energy game.

It's games like these when it would be nice to have a front line of Parish, McHale, and Bird, dominating the boards and otherwise controlling the paint.

Instead, the C's will just have to make an ugly game of it and hope to grind out a win with their D.


FLCeltsFan said...

This team is amazing in that they haven't really let down at all. They still want it just as bad as they did last season.

I just wish they didn't get down double digits to start every game. It takes too much energy to come back from that game in and game out. But, I see that as more what other teams throw at the Celtics more than what the Celtics are doing. Teams come at them with unreal intensity every game and the Celtics are like the turtle in that old fable. They just keep playing steady and end up on top at the end while their opponents come out strong and wear out by the end of the game.

Lex said...

You raise an interesting point.

I don't think they try very hard at the beginning. Part of the reason is to conserve energy (IMO) for the end of the game.

But, if they get down too far, they probably waste more energy mounting a comeback than they would had they just tried harder at the start of the game.

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