"One of the Most Explosive Players in Basketball"

I dialed up tonight's game on the Timberwolves' channel in Minneapolis. The play-by-play guy said this about Tony Allen:

"The Celtics feel this young man is one of the most explosive players in all of basketball."


Somebody said that?

On the Celtics?

How come no one told me?

Seriously, where do these guys come up with this stuff?

It made more sense later when the same guy said he had the Lakers and Celtics going to the Finals next June, with the Lakers winning.

Got it.

He lives in one of those alternative universes.


Michael said...

My guess is he probably meant "explosive" in the sense of awesome athleticism. Before the injuries I thought Tony was in a class of "freak" athletes (within the NBA) so to speak. An athlete raised to a higher power. Pretty much Artest (although he looks to have fallen off a little overall) and Gerald Wallace kind of athletes combining speed, quickness, strength and leaping ability at such high levels in each category. Personally I'd say Tony is still freakish in his athletic ability; the only thing that looks off is his leap, it seems like it is a little diminished.

Lex said...

Hey Michael.

You are probably right.

I just hadn't heard anyone say something like that since before the last injury.

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