Rivers on the Campaign Trail

Rivers says the team has been sending tapes of Perkins’ technical foul violations to the NBA office, contending that he’s being targeted by refs. “We’re going to try to get a couple rescinded,” he said. Rivers also added that he wasn't going to hold his breath.

--Patriot Ledger

Rivers may not be holding his breath.

But, like most things with Doc, there's a dual agenda.

The primary agenda is to get the refs off Perk's back. Eight technicals in 15 games is ridiculous. We can't afford to have Perk missing multiple games from having exceeded the limit, which he most assuredly would do were he to keep up this pace.

The secondary agenda is to reduce the number of technicals Perk has on file at the league's office. This might not be as unlikely as it sounds, as every time Perk gets a funny look on his face, he gets flagged with a technical. Maybe the league will take one away.

In any event, the real message is obvious:

David Stern, call off your goons!

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