Tony Allen & E.House

Do two shooting guards who can't handle the ball very well add up to one point guard who can?

Does one slashing wing and one spot-up shooter account for the lack of a quarterback who can distribute the ball on the second unit?

Last year we spent much of the season urging the Celtics to acquire a veteran back-up point guard who could handle the ball and quarterback the second unit. Danny then went out and acquired Sam Cassell, whom most of us thought would be perfect, but who wound up playing to mixed reviews. We went back to E.House when it counted, and he rewarded Doc with some clutch play that helped the Celtics win their 17th championship.

So my answer to the above questions is, well, you wouldn't think so, but it appears to be working for the Celtics.

E.House is an adequate ball handler. Tony Allen is slightly less so. E.House is an adequate distributor, and Tony Allen about the same or maybe slightly worse. Tony Allen is the better penetrator of the two.

Neither one is a quarterback, really.

But they both do possess a willingness to share the ball and move the ball. Both attempt to direct the offense.

So for now, while the bench is playing well, I guess we'll go with it.

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