Zen Mistress Takes Pot Shot at the C's

So Jackson gathered his coaches before training camp and told them he was appointing a defensive coach--Kurt Rambis--something he hadn't done in his previous 18 years of coaching in the NBA. "We didn't want to announce it and make a big deal about it like Boston did with their guy," Jackson said.

--LA Times

The Zen Mistress is clean-shaven, and he's parting his hair on the side (well, what hair he has left).

But he's still the same old Zen Mistress.

You can tell we're getting closer to Christmas, as the rhetoric starts to escalate.

Here's my take:

With Kurt Rambis as defensive coach, it will be twice as sweet beating the purple this year. Last year was pretty nice, especially after I learned a tearful Jerry West showed up to present the Lakers with the Western Conference championship trophy. But now that a 1980s Laker has officially assumed defensive responsibilities, beating the Lakers this year will essentially be a twofer, one beat-down for Kobe and the gang and one beat-down for Kurt, Jerry, and Riles.

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Dave said...

I've got to give Kurt Rambis some credit for his work on that Lakers defense.

He's due for another shot at a head coaching job somewhere.

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