The Machine and his Longings

Sasha Vujacic would welcome a comparision to Kobe Bryant, though Phil Jackson’s view of Vujacic’s current state won’t make “The Machine” hum with happiness. I asked Jackson tonight if there’s a similarity between Vujacic’s hunger for shots and scoring and some of those things Kobe Bryant dealt with earlier in his career as he longed to expand his individual offense. Jackson answered that the desire to score is there for both, but “Kobe had a similar mindset as far as ‘I’m too good to be held down. … I can score on this guy. Just give me an opportunity.’ Sasha’s more about ‘I need a shot.’”

--OC Register


You know, I had never even heard of Sasha Vujacic until the playoffs last year. I am told he played against the Celtics in the 12/30/07 game at Staples. But neither my friends nor I (we all watched the game together) remember the guy.

Our judgment may have been impaired by a couple of beers. Well, make that a couple eight nine beers. So I think we failed to distinguish him from the other Euro three-point shooter.

You know, Vlads Radmonowhatsit.

Oh well, good thing I didn't spend too much time worrying about him. Sounds like he's in the dog house again.


Anonymous said...

Its crazy when someone like Vujacic may not even be the most unlikeable person on his team. I didn't notice him either until he tried to scissor kick Ray. Glad to see the Zen master is saving his mind games for his team now don't think it was working on the Celts

Lex said...

Oh, yeah. I think I have a picture of that somewhere. As far as the mind games, the zen mistress definitely plays them.

Just not sure what is accomplished by most of them.

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