Did y'all see Obie's fist pump at the end of the game?

That's our boy.

I can't wait to read the LA Times this morning.


Funny thing about the loss.

The Lakers overwhelming height advantage didn't seem to stem the tide.

Come to think of it, where was the vaunted Laker defense when Kurt Rambis and the Zen Mistress needed it?

Just a few days ago the LA Times was expressing befuddlement over the Lakers' (then) lone loss to the Pistons. Come on, people. The LA Times is a newspaper. Not a blog. How long have their beat writers been covering the NBA? Three months? Need we remind them that it's an 82-game season?

Teams lose games, even good teams. In fact, I dare say good teams will even lose a few games against bad or mediocre teams. Yet the Times was struggling to explain one loss over a fifteen game stretch.

If the Lakers lose a couple more, I shudder to contemplate the fallout. Someone over at the Times may have to go on a suicide watch.


FLCeltsFan said...

I really don't like the Lakers. I really, really don't like them.

They have had an easy schedule early and everyone is crowning them the champions. The Celtics have had a grueling schedule and have come through it quite well. 6 back to backs in the first month? We had a road trip west in the first month.

Lex said...

A win tonight and the Big 3 make another entry into the history books:

back-to-back 18-2 starts!!!

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