Wolves' Beat Writer Weighs in on McHale

At this afternoon's lengthy press conference announcing the ouster of Randy Wittman, Wolves' owner Glen Taylor and new coach Kevin McHale went to great lengths avoiding the elephant in the room, the thing that only an accretion of increasingly blunt questions made even partially clear: Taylor has demoted McHale. He will no longer have the clout of being the lead guy in determining how this franchise's roster is assembled.

If you don't think that is significant, consider that the last time McHale's hand wasn't directly on the rudder of this team, Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury were still in high school, Sean Rooks was the starting center, and Glen Taylor was best known for printing wedding invitations while original owners Marv Wolfenson and Harvey Ratner still held on to the ballclub.

That's right, McHale has been running the show longer than Taylor has owned it. For that matter, McHale has been making personnel decisions for the Wolves longer than he played basketball for the Celtics.

--The Rake

Britt Robson is a good writer. The rest of the article is well worth the read.

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