Are Scalabrine and Big Baby Expendable?

Celticdom has spent much of the season focused on figuring out the best way to replace PJ Brown and James Posey. Reduced to simple terms, the Celtics bench needs to add a shooter and some length.

That shouldn't be too hard, most of us thought to begin the season. Darius Miles dropped into our laps before the season even started. Joe Smith was wasting his time in Oklahoma, and Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo were free agents.

Yet as the season drags on, it has become clearer to many of us that our needs may not be answered via free agency. The most likely free agent candidate, Stephon Marbury, is demanding more money from a buyout than his team is willing to give.

Which doesn't leave many viable alternatives other than a trade. While a few "unnamed" GMs have said the Celtics don't have any desirable assets, the past two weeks have proven otherwise. Eddie House went "microwave" against the Heat, while Brian Scalabrine and Glen Davis have been contributing more and more at a higher level.

Which brings me to today's question:

Do we really want to trade either Scalabrine or Davis? If so, what would you want in return?

I'm not entirely satisfied with our roster, but I'm not entirely opposed to sticking with the horses that brung us this far.

Is Mike Miller enough to part with either player? And don't forget, it won't be just Scalabrine or Davis. JR Giddens, Bill Walker, or Gabe Pruitt are likely to be included, too. Davis and another "ute" would be a pretty attractive package. But I'm not so sure I'm willing to part with them unless I get something more than Mike Miller.

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