E. House & D-Fish

Then there’s their bench, as in, what bench? Powe and Tony Allen might or might not break into the Lakers’ nine-man rotation. Davis and Eddie House, no shot.

--Mark Heisler, LA Times

Before the Finals began last June, I said that I wasn't sure that Derek Fisher was better than our third string point guard, Eddie House, much less Rajon Rondo or Sam Cassell. The next six games only made me more dubious. E. House was a difference maker. D-Fish? Don't really remember anything remarkable he did.

The above piece in the LA Times seems to disagree. That's OK. Maybe I'm a homer.

I will note, however, that during January Derek Fisher has been averaging almost 37 minutes per game, while scoring in double figures six times. In no one game did he score more than 20 points. By contrast, E. House has scored in double figures six times during January despite averaging less than 19 minutes per game, or almost a quarter-and-a-half less of basketball than Fisher. Oh, and E.House has exceeded 20 points three times.


Lex said...

I kind of like the green font for "visited" links.

FLCeltsFan said...

I like green for everything.

Eddie is definitely playing great and I think allowing him to move to the 2 guard with Pruitt at the point has helped his game. He has proved to be a good PG, but he ia a very good shooting guard. For me, there is no contest between anyone on the Celtics and anyone on the Fakers. Celtics good, Fakers bad.

Lex said...


It won't be as much fun ridiculing the lakers and their beat writers this time around . . . unless we win!

The Kid said...

While Eddie House is good, there are very few teams where he would be a starter, and there are no playoff contenders where he would start.

Lex said...

On the Celtics, I'd play House ahead of Fisher.

The Kid said...

Fisher wouldn't fit on this team at all.

Lex said...

Hey, we agree.

I was expecting an expression of disbelief.

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