Good Ernie D Article

You couldn't expect these kids to remember Ernie DiGregorio. Tell them he was an NBA Rookie of the Year, the third pick in the entire draft, they might not believe you.

They could always Google the name. It's all there. The assists. The magical passes. Top NBA foul shooter twice. Here's a gem: He played the first half of his final year with the Los Angeles Lakers and the second half with the Boston Celtics.

That's right, kids. Ernie DiGregorio. He was something to see, anyone over 50 will tell ya. DiGregorio's height made him all the more appealing to fans. "Red Auerbach told me I was one of the few players in the NBA that sold tickets." DiGregorio's passing was astonishing. He'd show you something different every night, usually a pass you thought could never be made. "Bob Cousy told me I reminded him of himself more than anyone else." Now that's high praise from The Passing God.

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