Help is on the Way

Thank god.

Let's see what the kiddies got.

Tony Allen is perfect at doing what he did last year--being 9th to 12th man.

We need a playmaker, a game changer.

Am I expecting to much from JR Giddens and Bill Walker?


But we won't know until we get a look.


The Kid said...

Us Celtics fans need to keep a cool head because as repeated many times it's a long season.

For example the best team I ever saw in my opinion is the '01 Lakers and that had nothing to do with their regular season. They didn't have a great regular season, in fact that year Shaq and Kobe's problems were huge during the season and nobody was thinking they would repeat especially around December-January. They got their problems straightened out by April and proceeded to destroy every team they faced narrowly missing out on a perfect postseason due to a miracle loss in the Finals to the Sixers.

I hated that team with a passion but during their blowout series against the Spurs I realized that Dec-Jan doesn't really much, and it's the perfect time for a team to have problems. As long as you're ready for the playoffs, all those struggles will be forgotten.

Lex said...

Better than the 72-win bulls?


It's a long way until April. I agree.

But this team needs a playmaker or two off the bench.

Right now we have .75, TA, LP, and EH each = .25.

Back to your original point. Dec-Feb may not mean much in general. But they meant a lot to the green in 1986-87. The same weakness displayed then were displayed in the playoffs, too.

Lex said...

I got the Cavs by 18 tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting my hopes up. They might have been called up but will Doc play them? Judging by the Gabe's minutes I'd say no

Lex said...

Good question, anon.

I'm gonna say yes.

Why bring them up to sit?

They were sent down because if they stayed up they wouldn't play. That's my theory, anyway.

Next question: How quickly can they get thrown into action?

I'd like to try something radical.

Second unit consisting of Ray Allen at the point, Walker and Giddens at the 2-3 and improvise at the 4-5.

My initial thoughts for the moment.

Lex said...

Or even more radical:

Gabe, Walker, Giddens

Pierce at the 4


KG at the 5

Lex said...

Gabe Walker and Giddens

Why do I like the sounds of that?

PHDs as Pitino used to say.

Poor, hungry, driven.

The Kid said...

The '01 Lakers simply destroyed teams in the playoffs. The '96 Bulls didn't beat teams the way how those Lakers did. During the 1st 2 blowouts they had in the WCF I said to my brother there's no way in hell the Lakers don't repeat in '02. I've only felt that way during the '96 Bulls run and that '01 Lakers run.

I believe they have the highest average victory for an entire playoff run and they set a record with the way they dismantled a Spurs team that was favored to beat them. Their only loss was an overtime fluke to Philly.

I'm taking the C's tomorrow with an overtime surprise win. I'd be shocked if the Cavs won in a blowout. Only then would I really be concerned with this team.

Lex said...

I'm giving the celtics less than a 10% chance to win and less than 33% chance of losing by less than 10

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