Lakers-Celtics Rematch

The Lakers play the night before.

The Celtics don't.

A built in excuse for the Zen Mistress, who, to his credit, is acknowledging that the Lakers' favorable home schedule thus far has much to do with their gaudy record.


Anonymous said...

Zen mistress just needs to zip it. The schedule is tough for every one. Other teams don't get extra home games against the Clippers and you don't hear them whining about it.
I'm sure Lakers are part of those blaming Orlando's loss on rustiness from the days off.

Lex said...

The best days (or at least the most laughable) were in the 1980s when the entire western conference stunk, and the Lakers would run up 60 wins without breaking a sweat.

It's not quite that bad now, but it's getting there.

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