The Last We Heard from Pollard

Journal-World (Lawrence, KS)
October 10, 2008
Pollard lurking

The NBA hasn't seen the last of Scot Pollard yet. At least he hopes it hasn't. Injuries prevented him from ever really executing his role as backup center for the Celtics last season, but he told the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World that he ain't done yet.

``Not officially, no way,'' said Pollard, who's coming off ankle surgery. ``I am keeping my options open. I will not close any doors. That's why I'm working out every day, staying in shape. If the right situation does come, great. If not, I'll be a soccer dad in Indianapolis working on my next career (broadcasting).''

No one's been throwing any guaranteed offers his way, but, as he saw when he got hurt last year, things can change in a hurry.

``That's why I'm working out,'' he said. ``Somebody gets hurt, (a team) may call. It happened to me last year. I got hurt, and P.J. Brown got called up in February. He wasn't doing anything. He wasn't officially retired. I needed surgery, and they saw he was available.

"I haven't had any solid offers," Pollard said. "I'm just waiting."

The 6-foot-11, 270-pounder played in 22 games last season while battling injuries with the Boston Celtics. The 2008 NBA champions did not offer Pollard a contract for this season, despite the fact that after a pair of reconstructive ankle surgeries he's physically fit and raring to go.

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