More Takes on Star Berry

You may have already read these, but a few of them struck me as beyond what was covered by the local fish wraps.

"People might think it's a bad idea, but I think it could help us," Rajon Rondo said. " Anybody who is a great player in this league could help our team." Newsday (USA).

"He's been a great talent in this league for a long time," All-Star Ray Allen said Sunday. "I don't know the situation that happened with him in New York, but I know he's got a lot of basketball left in him." Deseret Morning News.

"I'm not opposed to Steph. His IQ is very, very high," Kevin Garnett said. "He is one of the best point guards I ever played with." New York Post.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said that before making any addition to the team, he would run it through several key players. One of those Celtics is Paul Pierce, who said, "Stephon is very talented, definitely. It's an unfortunate situation that he's not able to be on the court right now."

The thinking in Boston when it comes to Steph must be: "What's one more disgruntled athlete?" In New York, however, most of us know that Marbury is no ordinary disgruntled athlete: He's the mother of all disgruntled athletes, a guy so self-absorbed and stubborn that he won't think twice about taking down a coach, a teammate or a one-time mentor. I don't care how great the chemistry is in Boston, I can't see a scenario in which Marbury doesn't make it a bit toxic. Marbury has never made a team better. What he has done is made a lot of them worse, made a career out of dramatic and ugly exits. He did it in Minnesota, he did it in New Jersey, he did it in Phoenix and he's capped it all with what seems like a never-ending exit from the Knicks. This is what I do see: Fans in Cleveland and Los Angeles crossing their fingers, hoping Boston goes through with this thing. BARBARA BARKER. barbara.barker@newsday.com


Anonymous said...

I'm not liking these Marbury rumors. With the full roster back ups for Pierce and Perk should be the priority. Those are the areas where we'll be hurt in the playoffs Eddie as PG with the big 3 is significantly better than him running the second unit which he won't have to do in playoffs.

Lex said...

Yeah, as Doc said we need a big and we need a guard, and the big is probably more important.

Even Red said back in 2004 that Marbury was a cancer.

FLCeltsFan said...

We need length more than a guard. I would love to see Gabe get a chance before bringing in Starbury. Character has always been at the heart of the Celtics way and Marbury has proved over and over that his character is very flawed. I don't like the idea of bringing him in. It seems like we would be sacrificing principles.

Lex said...

It would be a crap shoot with Star Berry.

We do need a big though.

I don't want Magliore or any one of his ilk.

I wonder what plan b is if we don't get a big?

Struggle through with what we got, I guess.

Not something I'm thrilled about.

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