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Frustrated with dating? Check out this site, where you'll find your old buddy Lex has finally returned to writing original pieces. Hopefully reading them will be as entertaining as it was living through them.


Odd How the Mind Works

As I drive to work each day I pass a speed limit sign just before I pull into the parking lot.

20 MPH.

For the most part, I associate all numbers below 50 with Celtics' players. When I take locker #4 at the health club, I think of Chauncey. Locker #44 Westphal. Locker #3? Babe Ruth. Just kidding.

But when I pass the speed limit sign, I don't think of Ray Allen. I don't even think of Brian Shaw.


I think of Sherman Douglas.

Odd how the mind works. Strike that. Odd how my mind works.

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