Antoine Walker's Rookie Season


You have heard of inspirational halftime speeches. They are a part of sports. To get their teams out of deep funks, coaches attempt to summon words that will act as verbal kicks in the backside.

That didn't happen for the Celtics and M.L. Carr last night at the FleetCenter. Here's why: Some people don't listen well after being awakened abruptly. And since the Celtics were virtually snoring through the first half against the Trail Blazers, trailing by 18 points, Carr decided he didn't need to be an orator at halftime. Instead, he needed to write.

So "pride" was scribbled on a board. The Celtics then took the court, slipped behind by 23, and came back to win, 111-105. They broke a seven-game losing streak and earned their first win in 10 Friday night games at home. Antoine Walker said he had "a bad game" but still managed 16 points, six rebounds and four blocked shots.

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