A Squared + B Squared = C Squared

The Lakers beat the Celtics in LA.

The Magic swept the Lakers home and away.

The Celtics have swept the Magic thus far, home and away.

Clear as mud?

But wait. There's more.

The Cavaliers, who had defeated Los Angeles five straight times, just lost to the Lakers convincingly, while the Lakers, who had previously owned New Orleans, lost to the Hornets convincingly. The Lakers also lost their only contest with the Spurs this season.

So what conclusions can we draw from all of this?

Leave your Geometry books at home. Logic doesn't apply.

The NBA regular season is simply a long and arduous prelude to what really matters--the postseason. The Celtics still have work to do to shore up holes and weaknesses on their roster. Less than a month left until the NBA trade deadline (Feb 19), and a little more than a month left until playoff rosters are final.

It's good that the Celtics are back on track. But back on track isn't the goal.


FLCeltsFan said...

Now you're talking my language. I don't think this is as much the Pythagorean theorem as it is the transitive property. Magic is greater than the Lakers and Celtics are greater than the Magic, therefore, Celtics are greater than the Lakers. Or, something like that.

I agree that what happens in the regular season stays in the regular season. The playoffs are a whole different animal. The one thing that does matter from the regular season is home court advantage and that should be the immediate goal. Win every game possible so as to have the home court in the playoffs.

Lex said...

The other thing of note is games won in Gotta Have Games v. Nice to Have Games.

I'll have to write about that later.

We're doing pretty good on both counts, better than the Lakers, I think.

FLCeltsFan said...

The Lakers have played 25 home games vs 17 on the road. They are going to have a stretch of road games and their toughest stretch ahead of them. They have had a fairly easy schedule so far. The Celtics on the other hand have played 3 more games than the Lakers and have played 22 at home and 22 on the road. Their toughest stretch is behind them.

Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely hate the Lakers?

FLCeltsFan said...

That should have been 23 at home for the Celtics vs 22 on the road. Sorry for the typo.

Anonymous said...

Please don't get me started on the bonus two "away" games and getting a back-to-back against the Clippers.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm starting to wonder how the Cavs and Lakers
feel about their wins over the Celtics. Both teams beat the Celtics during a
slump where they also lost to the Bobcats, Knicks and Warriors. Both teams
were out for revenge and had a great chance at winning even if the Celtics had
played well. But the Celtics were playing some sloppy ball during that time and
I wonder if there is a niggling concern that to beat the Cs on your homecourt
you have to play your best and they have to accomodate you by playing poorly.

Lex said...

Well, the lakers started the celtics slump. I give them credit for that. There are GOTTA WIN GAMES and IT WOULD BE NICE TO WIN GAMES.

The Lakers game at home against the Cs was a GOTTA WIN NO MATTER WHAT IF WE WANT ANY SELF RESPECT AND PRIDE.

The home and away differential is interesting too.


Anonymous said...

I agree that game is a must-win. Now that the revenge games for last season are out of the way its time to settle. I can't give the Lakers credit for the slump though. The Celtics poor play started in that game not after the loss. Its more probable that Perk's injury exposed the questionable defense they'd been playing.

Lex said...

Yeah, they didn't play well at LA. I agree.

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