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Da Mik

On a night when Leon Powe went for 30, 11, & 5, Rajon Rondo made a triumphant return, and Stephon Marbury showed signs of shaking off the rust, Mikki Moore registered a noteworthy performance of his own. Da Mik not only went 3-3 from the field for six points, he added two assists and eight rebounds in 22 minutes. Mikki was also +12 for the evening, or good enough to lead the entire Celtic team. Of all those impressive numbers, I'm gonna highlight the 8 boards in 22 minutes, a number right on target with Bill Walton's average of 6.8 rebounds in 19 minutes for the 1985-86 Boston Celtics. If Moore can replicate that kind of rebounding average with any regularity, I think Celtic Nation will start warming up to this bench in a hurry.

But word of caution: he did this against the Grizz.

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