Przybilla to the Purple: You Suck

Ok. He didn't say that. But what he did say was still pretty good:

"It was the Lakers," Blazers center Joel Przybilla said. "And we beat the (snot) out of them. And you can print that. In bold. And big letters." (link)

By the time the smoke cleared, the Blazers emerged with their second annihilation of a Western Conference power this month. On March 1, the Blazers had leads as large as 29 against San Antonio before settling for an 18-point victory. Earlier in the year they manhandled the Boston Celtics.

Can it be? Can the Western Conference possibly boast multiple teams for the Lakers to fear come playoff time? With my luck, the Spurs and Blazers will play in round 2, instead of the Lakers having to play both teams, one in round 2 and one in the WCFs.

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Lex said...

The final score was 111-94, and that doesn't reflect the dominance displayed by the home team who led by as much as 30 late in the third. All night, the Lakers were outed. Out- defended, out-rebounded, out-hustled, out-executed. Out-everythinged, as the box score indicates. Kobe Bryant left the game without talking to reporters, something he almost never does. Really, can you blame him? It's hard to put lipstick on this proverbial pig.

--LA Times

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