Tony Allen Worried About Role Upon Return

Tony Allen hopes to make it back from thumb surgery for the last three or four games before the playoffs, but he realizes that Stephon Marbury may take his minutes even if he does. "If that happens," Allen said, "I can't do nothing about that. It will be a coach's decision." "I didn't play much last year. I was playing behind James Posey. This year is much different." But the result may be the same. Allen may spend most of the playoffs on the bench."Even talking about it now, it's frustrating," Allen said.


Without James Posey on the roster, I don't see how Doc doesn't use a healthy Tony Allen more often in the playoffs this year than he did last year. TA basically didn't play at all in last year's playoffs. I mean, who's gonna come off the bench to guard taller wing players like Joe Johnson, Tayshaun Prince, and LeBron James?


FLCeltsFan said...

I personally like Bill Walker and wish Doc had given him more PT all along. Tony would be my second choice.

Lex said...

Wow. BW over TA in the playoffs?? You radical!

Q said...

I like Bill Walker too. Sorry to say that the Tony Allen era in Boston is all but over.

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