You People Are Crazy

If you have had any free time lately and you're a Celtics' fan, you'll fully understand this next piece of advice: Visit Celtics' message boards at your own peril.

Stephon Marbury is a failure. He's fallen flat on his face. Cut Starbury and bring back Cassell. On and on and on ad nauseum. I hate to sound like Rick Pitino, but here's a double-dose. First, the negativity in this town sucks. Second, don't keep the light on because Sam Cassell won't be walking through those doors to replace Stephon Marbury any time soon.

I'm not promising you anything. There's no guarantee that Steph will ever get it going. Hell, there's no guarantee the Celtics will ever get it going. But I'll tell you this. The Celtics and Bulls played a game on Easter Sunday 1991. Guess who won the game? Da green, beating Chicago for the second time in the regular season. Guess who won the world championship in June? Da Bulls. Guess how far Boston got? Eastern Conference Semis, where they lost in 6.

Moral of the story? These end-of-the-regular-season games don't mean (Bo) Diddley, and they really don't mean anything until KG gets back. Once he returns, I'd just keep on chilling until the first round of the playoffs. Then if you want to walk the floors at night, be my guest. I'll probably be right there with you. But until then can we just all take a collective Valium?


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