Artest Comfortable with Phil's & Kobe's Nudity, as Well as His Own

Earlier we discussed how a fully-clothed Ron Artest walked into the Lakers shower stall and tried to convince a butt naked Zen Mistress that Artest was a key to their title hopes.

Today we learn this tidbit about Mr. Artest:

Artest routinely walked around in his underwear in public places: the Rockets' team bus, hotels, you name it. People around the team barely flinched after a while. Before Game 7 of the Lakers series -- only the biggest game of the entire season -- they finally flinched.

Here's what happened: Artest missed the first two team buses (the ones for players, coaches and team personnel) from Houston's hotel to the Staples Center and barely made the third and final bus, which was reserved for business staff, sponsors and friends of the team. These stunned people watched Artest sprint to the bus right before it left, jump on and take one of the remaining seats ... yes, wearing only his underwear. Owner Leslie Alexander happened to be sitting on the bus and witnessed the whole thing. And you wonder why the Houston Rockets didn't make any effort whatsoever to bring back Artest.


According to Bill Simmons' version of the shower incident, Artest walked in on a naked Kobe, too:

Artest told reporters that he wandered into the Lakers' locker room to express that desire to a showering Kobe Bryant -- right after L.A.'s bitter Game 6 thrashing in Boston in the 2008 Finals, no less -- adding, "Yeah, I walked in the shower. I'm not a homosexual or nothing like that, but Kobe had no clothes on."


It's unclear if the Simmons' version is in addition to or instead of Artest walking in on a naked Zen Mistress.

This should be a fun year.

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