Frustrated with Dating?

Frustrated with dating? Check out this site, where you'll find your old buddy Lex has finally returned to writing original pieces. Hopefully reading them will be as entertaining as it was living through them.


Loss of Odom would Leave only Biannual Exception

There has been no movement in negotiations between the Lakers and free-agent forward Lamar Odom. Odom, who made $14.1 million last season, is asking for $10 million per year in a new contact. Los Angeles doesn't appear willing to grant his request, especially with their payroll increasing. "There's really nothing to report," said a source. If the Lakers don't re-sign Odom, there only spending tool is the biannual exception, an offer of a two-year contract starting at $1.99 million. "I hope so," Kobe Bryant said of Odom returning. "He better be."

--Real GM


Jameyb said...

Dude! How long have you been back online..??

Lex said...

Not too long. A week?

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