Hill: NBDL or the Celtics?

The Arizona Republic reports that the Knicks have given Hill two choices: a one-year deal worth $5 million or a three-year deal worth $10 million. Either way, they're willing to pencil Hill in as their starting small forward. The Celtics can only give Hill the bi-annual exception, worth about $1.9 million, because they're using their mid-level on Rasheed Wallace. Nor can the Celtics give Hill a starting job, as guys named Ray Allen and Paul Pierce occupy the wings in Boston.

But Hill has made his money. The Magic paid him $93 million for seven seasons in which he played an average of 29 games. He took a much more modest contract to play with the Suns the last two seasons, and neither the Knicks nor the Suns look to be contenders any time soon.

So which offer will Hill choose to take? In his career, Hill has played 22 postseason games and never been out of the first round. Meanwhile, the Celtics played 26 postseason games in 2008 and made it to the East semis without Garnett. Now they added a player who some have called Garnett's "mirror image."

The real question is how badly does Hill want to win?

Link to full article at NBA.com.

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