I'm Glad Eddie's Coming Back

Hey, how 'bout that Eddie House? He must be a good brooder, because he has the knack of bouncing back when things go a bit south for him. Consider his 2008 playoffs, when he was displaced in the postseason by Sam Cassell to the extent of accumulating nine DNPs, including Games 1 and 2 of the Finals against LA. But who came up big in the Game 4 comeback against the Lakers? Eddie House

This year he was a miserable 9 for 30 in a paltry nine minutes a game in Games 1-6 against Chicago before bursting forth with that dazzling Game 7 in which he scored 16 points on 5-for-5 shooting in 22 minutes. And what can you say about his performance Wednesday, other than it was one of the great off-the-bench scoring outbursts in team history? Eddie's a pro's pro.


With all the talk of adding Sheed and the possible additions of Marbury, Bowen, and Marquis, it's easy to forget about that little guy who helped fuel the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history.

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