Kwame Outduels Gasol and Bynum?

LOS ANGELES _ With the eyes of the NBA turned to the Staples Center on Friday night it was time for world to get glance at the new-look Pistons. And while the newest Piston Allen Iverson played a sparkling floor game it was another new Piston and an old hand who were the keys to the Pistons sending the Lakers to their first loss of the young season. Kwame Brown, a free-agent acquisition over the summer, and Rasheed Wallace teamed up to control the vaunted Lakers' frontline of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum in a resounding 106-95 victory. And the Pistons (7-2) let everyone know loudly that they plan on being there in June playing for a world championship with a versatile lineup of penetrators, shooters and size.It was the size that was the difference as Brown and Wallace combined for 35 points and 23 rebounds to offset the 23 points and 19 rebounds of Gasol and Bynum.


Now imagine how Rasheed will do when teamed up with Perk and KG, not to mention Ray Ray, Paul, and Rajon.


Toasterhands said...

I remember that early season game quite well. Kwame had a double double and made a terrific block on a Gasol turn-around jumper. I was really thinking the Iverson deal would work out and that Detroit would be major players in the playoffs.

I'm not sure how much Rasheed will give you. His mobility has really deteriorated and he almost refuses to post up anymore. Maybe he finds that there's something left in the tank but it's hard seeing that happen considering he quit on his team this past season.

The Celts are going to be kicking themselves if they lose Big baby because of this Sheed signing. The team is just too old and too unathletic.

Lex said...

Definitely more of a crap shoot than 2007-08. But the Celtics retain the right to match any offer on BBD. Even if they don't keep him, maybe the Cs can work a sign an trade. As for Rasheed, yeah, it looks good on paper. And even if him and garnett are a pair for the ages, its a long way until june.

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