McHale & Bird: Don't Get Too Excited about Win

1990-91 Boston Celtics
Remembering the 29-5 Start

There will be a dangerous tendency in these parts to read too much into last night's victory.

"I wouldn't," warned Bird.

"It was a game in December," said McHale.

"We are a better team," said Bird. "But we've also got to beat a team like Dee-troit on the road."

The Celtics play in Detroit Jan. 21. Meanwhile, there is hope, and the Green Legions who follow this Boston team can ask for nothing more. There were dire predictions after last spring's New York mugging. It was supposed to get worse around here before it got better again. We were scheduled for a return to the dark ages of 1969-70 or maybe 1978-79. There would be a new cast of characters before there was any thought of another conference challenge.

The Celts are 18-4 and have won 10 straight at home. They beat the Pistons in crunch time last night. The fans who came to see Streisand and Redford were not disappointed.

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