The New Big Three

“Wow, that's the first thing that I said. Wow,” Ryan Gomes said. “Now they've got two guys, speaking of Garnett and Sheed, who on the court are so vocal defensively and offensively and they know the game so much that that's going to bring the level of intensity up. They have a lot of different lineups they can go with. Now Perk is in foul trouble, Sheed can play the five because he played the five in Detroit. And Sheed can hit threes so now, Garnett is on the block, Sheed is out there, it can cause a lot of match-up problems for a lot of people.”


I still think the biggest impression will be made when KG and Sheed are joined on the floor by Perk. At first I was thinking this unit would be used primarily against the other contenders, Orlando, Cleveland, and the Fakers. Now I'm thinking we'll see those three out there together at least once per game.

The New Big Three.

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