Not Sleeping Again and It's Only July

“I haven’t been really sleeping that much,’’ Garnett said. “That’s how my excitement comes out. I’ve just been envisioning this whole year. I’m excited and I’m working to make sure that when I come in here for training camp that I’m ready and I’m ready full throttle.’’


So that's two summers in a row where KG hasn't slept, though for different reasons. The reference to "envisioning the whole year" sounds like he's circling games on the calendar. I know KG once said the Celtics circle every game on the calendar. That's a load of crap. Two games are being targeted, one home and one away.


FLCeltsFan said...

I'd be circling more than 2. The Cavs ugly display last season when they beat us without KG definitely bears circling the rematch.

Lex said...

Good point, FCF!

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