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So we are a little old, a little injured, and a little thin (though not as thin as believed by some: yesterday on Rome is Burning, a guest asked to evaluate the Sheed move said the Celtics had not improved themselves by making the deal because they still had E.House coming off the bench and not much more. Huh? What about Sheed???). I’m not gonna say we are a work in progress, cuz that makes it sound like Danny’s gonna sit on his rear until the trade deadline, and I don’t see that happening.

In any event, I’ve never mastered labyrinth of rules governing NBA transactions. Example, last year I proposed resigning PJ Brown and then trading his contract for a big. Turns out you couldn’t do it. The rules don't allow for it. This year, Red’s Army has what appears to be a good idea. If we can’t re-sign BBD, then sign and trade him so we get something back (you know, like to New Orleans, for a certain former member of the green).

So let’s take stock of where that brings us:

We want Grant Hill, but apparently he wants to finish out his career in the NBDL.

There are some other wings we might pursue that are free agents, but they may want too much $$$.

Then there are some wings we could trade for, using Scal, TA, Giddens, Walker, and Pruitt as bait.

Finally, we have the Reds Army idea.

Bottom line: We're gonna land someone we need before camp starts in October.

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