The Sheed Shirt Arrives

The shirt arrived last night, and its ready for my first run outside tonight. I've promised myself that I wouldn't spend as much on Celtics' merchandise during the 2010 championship run as I did during 2008. That shouldn't be hard, given the dent I made in my wallet two years ago. Then again, I've already made two purchases, and in July of 2007, I'd made zero.


FLCeltsFan said...

I hear you! I spend a fortune on Celtics championship gear in 2009. But then again, I had been waiting 22 years to get them. I only got 2 shirts so far this off season. But love that Sheed shirt. May have to track it down.

Lex said...

It's a buy it now item on eBay!

FLCeltsFan said...

ahhhh Thanks for telling me. I would have been looking on Celics.com and NBA.com for it.

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