"Though Often Injured and Inconsistent"

Though often injured, with a 74-game run with the Pacers two years ago his career high, Daniels has sparkled in stretches as a valuable role player, one who averaged a career-high 13.8 points for Indiana last season. The problem is that Daniels played in only 54 games last season due to a wrist injury that ended his season in mid-March.

He has also come in for some criticism. Two years ago, when Pacers president Larry Bird criticized his team for its inconsistency, he singled out Daniels. “I look at Marquis Daniels and Marquis is not playing at a level I thought he would play at,” Bird told the Indianapolis media. “He’s been up and down.”


Doesn't this sound a little bit like the guy he was meant to replace? I'll be curious to see if TA goes to Indiana in exchange. If not, perhaps the theory will be that two injured and inconsistent back-up wingmen will provide 82 games of healthy and reliable play between them.

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