"We're Working on Other Guys, Too"

Doc assures us the Celtics have a Plan B, C, and D in a radio interview that took place before Grant Hill decided that he wanted to finish his career with the Tuscon Timber of the NBDL.



NewYorkCeltics said...

HAH! Zing. Oh and I've been reading for a while, but good to see you back blogging Lex.

I'm glad we're not getting Hill...I'm singularly obsessed with finding a young, athletic, aggressive wing who can body up and harass the Lebrons and Kobes and spell Pierce so that Pierce can concentrate on offense.

I understand the obsession with a veteran ball-handling high IQ guy, but for match up purposes I want someone with zero gimpy ankles or knees.

Lex said...

Thanks, NewYorkCeltics said. Good to have you as a reader. I'm kind of wondering what BBD might look like at the 3 for about 8-10 minutes a game. Not crunch time, just a good 8-10 minutes to wear down the other guy. I'm writing about this tomorrow.

NewYorkCeltics said...

Uhhhh, not unless BBD loses like 50 pounds and gains about 50 percent on his lateral quickness.

Although I do like the image of him flattening Lebron...

I think you're imaging BBD to be more Ryan Gomes than he actually is...but I look forward to the article.

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