Are the Celtics Big Spenders?

They proceed into the Celtics trying to make it look like they're big spending, but they didn't use a full MLE, merely a three year one on Rasheed Wallace. Maybe they could have chased a better player with the full MLE, maybe not. They also only locked up Glenn Davis for two years. Both might be prudent moves, this isn't meant to bash the Boston off-season, but neither are "big spending moves" as the article title would imply.



1111 said...

This really puzzle me... a FA better than Sheed? i mean, Cs needed a PF/C and grab the best available, and ink him for the title-window timeline. And the same for Bug Baby, and for lots less than he wished.

Looks like some writers still not understand much about basketball (but this's not something new) but even less about economy (and this criminal!). How can you blame a team for not spending all his money careless?

Lex said...


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