A Backcourt of Jesus and the Truth?

How Do The Celtics Match-up with the Lakers?

A front-court of KG, Perkins and Rasheed, coupled with the ability to throw Allen and Pierce out against Kobe suggest the Celtics match-up quite well with LA. In the Finals the Celtics lack of depth would not be so glaring as rotations shorten up, so not having a quality back-up PG isn’t too much of a concern should the Celts meet the Lakers in the finals.

--Forum Blue and Gold

I don't know anything about this Lakers' blog, but I like the way he thinks. We will indeed see a lot of the New Big Three up front against the contenders. What I hadn't contemplated is how this impacts the back-court rotation. Not only does playing Sheed, KG, and Perk up front potentially allow Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to substitute for each other at the 2-spot heading into the last 10 minutes of REALLY big games, I almost wonder if Doc, the king of trying all sorts of odd combos, would succumb to the temptation of playing Ray Ray and the Truth at the same time during the last five minutes? Now that would be interesting.

It would also be interesting to see Baby line-up out there with KG and Sheed or KG and Perk or Sheed and Perk.

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