The Bill Walton Watch Revisited with KG?

I did my best to chronicle the long, strange end to Bill Walton's career as a Celtic and NBA player. Long story short, Celtic Nation was on pins and needles from August 1986, when Walton hurt himself riding an exercise bike, until the end of the 1988 season, when his long anticipated comeback never came to pass. In the middle, we all waited with baited breath for any news about Bill Walton. Someone saw him walking around at a mall? OMG. He's gonna be practicing any day now! KC Jones said Walton unexpectedly showed up at practice and participated for 20 minutes? It's over. Hoist up banner 17!

Over the last several months, we've heard a few different things about KG and his knee. I'll talk about that in the next post. Until then, we know Danny said KG would be 100% come training camp, KG said his recovery was ahead of schedule, and the Ticket is predicting back-to-back championships over the next two years, and that was before we acquired Sheed. The problem is all of this is just a bunch of hot air, and quickly can be changed by a simple declarative sentence uttered by Doc:

I don't like his gait.

At which point, the Bill Walton Watch returns to Beantown.

Before that happens, I have a few questions:

1. If we know now that KG will be 100% when camp opens in October, then when is he scheduled to start practicing?

2. Once he starts practicing, when will he be able to start scrimmaging?

3. After the scrimmages begin, at what point is he expected to hit full speed?

Again, we know (reportedly) that KG will be 100% when camp starts in October. So there is a timeline. There must be a timeline. Why hasn't anyone in the media determined what it is?

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