Celtics Fans Don't Respect Eddie House

You know the story. The guy you don't see on a regular basis, the one playing limited minutes (if any) in a supporting role always gets a temporary cult following. Except Boston Celtics fans apparently decided House is not that guy.

Where are the fans showing up to games wearing his number 50 jersey and his trademark head band and high socks? Where's the section of the Garden stands nicknamed "The Shooter's Club" or "Quick Draw Alley" or whatever goofy name they come up with in honor of one of the quickest and indiscriminate triggers in the entire NBA?

There isn't even a group of enthusiasts dressed in doctor's jackets or wearing stethoscopes with signs reading "It's time to make a HOUSE CALL!" Instead, when either fans, basketball analysts, or so-called experts opened their mouths to critique the Celtics this off-season, almost all of them agreed that the Celtics had to fix one trouble spot. They need a solid option at the point guard position behind Rajon Rondo.


Indeed. I might add that the guy was dissed multiple times by Doc during the 2008 NBA playoffs, stuck on the bench with one DNP after another, until he was asked to produce in game 4 of the NBA Finals.

And he did just that, hitting a series of big shots that helped propel the Celtics to a 3-1 stranglehold on Banner 17.

Whaddya say we let Eddie have those minutes behind Rajon, at least to start the season?

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DS said...

agreed agreed agreed. we take this guy way too much for granted. he has come up big many times.

and why isnt anyone talking about his 3 point shooting this past season? i dont think anyone is ever going to come close to what he accomplished!

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