Kupchak Pursued Shelden, Wouldn't Guarantee Deal

According to a one or two different Lakers' blogs:

Sources from the league --Erick Pincus-- report that the Boston Celtics have agreed to a one-year deal with Shelden Williams for the veteran's minimum, sources tell Y! Sports. The Lakers weren't willing to give Shelden a guaranteed deal - Kupchak won't justify 14 guaranteed - opened the door for Bos.

Interesting. The Lakers were said to be pursuing Shelden as a contingency plan if Lamar left. Curious that the purple still wanted him even though Odom stayed. I'd also be curious to know what K.McHale had to say about "Give it to me, Shelden," since he played 15 games for Lurch last spring. At worst, Williams seems like he'd be a great practice player. You can always use one of those.


FLCeltsFan said...

Hey, the 80's teams had Greg Kite. The 09 version has Shelden Williams. Could be a good omen. Interesting that Mitch Cupcake wanted Williams but wouldn't guarantee. He is trying to play hardball with everyone. Odom ended up taking less than the original offer the turned down. Gotta be something in the water out there.

Lex said...

Mitch Cupcake. Good one!

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