Mad Max

“I love Sheed,” Maxwell said. “He can play multiple roles. He’ll elongate the floor. He brings outside shooting. He can give (Kevin Garnett) rest. He’ll be like P.J. Brown was for them two years ago, but he brings more scoring (a 15-point career average). He also has great enthusiasm, which can be contagious.”

I must admit, I'm getting a little nervous about all of these reports regarding Sheed's apathy, and how he fakes the intensity. I'm gonna stick with the positive reports until they prove false.

Last year, they played courageous ball," Maxwell added. "You had only six guys playing in 14 games, and they just ran out of gas.”

Yeah, I lived through 1987 the first time. I didn't need to live through it again.

Cornbread made no comment about Big Baby Twittergate. That's good. It never was worth talking about, even if the Herald and other mediums thought differently.

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