I grew to learn how Mark was last year, so it didn't really bother me this year. But last year [when Blount used to sulk in the locker room], it was more like, 'What's wrong with him? What's going through his head?' This year it was like, 'OK, that's just Mark.'

--Al Jefferson

Poor, Al.

First he gets teamed with one of the worst teammates in NBA history, Mark Blount. Then he endures a series of ankle problems with the Celtics. Just when he looks like he turned the corner on those problems, he's dealt to the Wolves, where, for a second time he starts coming into his own. Then he blows out his knee, and now this.

Poor Al.

A guy just shouldn't have to suffer through Mark Blount more than once.

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FLCeltsFan said...

I heartily agree. Poor Al. Old Stone Hands should have been out of the league long ago. The guy is a cancer and does nothing to help his teams.

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