Shelden to Wear #13

Is No. 13 unlucky?


Mike (Red) Wallace was the first Celtic to wear #13, in 1946 - and became the first Celt traded (to Toronto for Chuck Hoefer after only 24 games in a Boston uniform). No Celtic has worn No. 13 in nearly 30 years - since Bob (Gabby) Harris in 1953-54. Tiny Archibald came close to using it - in fact, he did on his first day of practice as a Celtic in 1978. Because No. 1, which he'd worn previously as a pro, was unavailable, Archibald opted for No. 7. Told that number belonged to Ernie DiGregorio, Tiny's next choice was No. 13. But when DiGregorio decided not to report and retired, Archibald turned in 13 for 7.- A number of Celtics have worn numbers other than their own for a game or three. There's no club rule against that number, according to Auerbach. "Nobody has asked for it," he shrugs.

Well, that's not entirely true.


Dave Cowens good-heartedly reports he's a little miffed that Charles Smith is running around wearing No. 13. "That's the number I wanted," said the big redhead, "but Red Auerbach wouldn't let me. He said he'd never have a guy wear the same number as Wilt Chamberlain".

So who's the best player ever to wear #13 in a Celtics' uniform?


FLCeltsFan said...

Here's the list
Red Wallace 1947-1947
Gene Stump 1948-1949
Brady Walker 1950-1951
Bob Harris 1951-1954
Kenny Sailors 1951-1951
Charles Smith 1990-1991
Rickey Green 1992-1992
Todd Day 1996-1997
Dontae' Jones 1998-1998
Mike James 2004-2004
Dana Barros 2004-2004
Delonte West 2005-2007
Gabe Pruitt 2008-2009

I'd have to go with either Dana Barros or Delonte West.

Lex said...

Delonte, probably.

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