Too Old to Win It

A lot of Celtics fans are upset that the pundits are not predicting greater things for the green this year. Not me. The pundits were wrong in 2008, and, come to think of it, wrong last year when they said the 2009 Celtics had a better team than they did in 2008.

In any event, one theme I expect to hear a lot about this year is age and health. We're too old to win it and our health is too iffy to win it. The sun has almost set on our championship aspirations. The same things were said about the 1971-72 Lakers. We'll talk more about them in the coming days.

Things turned out alright for the purple that year, though, huh?


FLCeltsFan said...

Age doesn't bother me as much as health. They keep themselves in great shape. Sometimes health is a matter of a freak accident like coming down wrong after a dunk etc. Hopefully they can stay healthy and if they do, let them overlook the Celtics all they want and everyone will go after the frontrunners while the Celtics quietly win banner 18

Lex said...

sounds good to me!

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