Vujačić is the new Radmanowhatsit

2) What moves could we see the Lakers make, if any, before the season starts?

“Get rid of Sasha Vujačić ASAP. What “shooter” shoots 25% from the field in the post season? Ohh yeah Vuj. I would love to see a defensive #2 guard come to the Lakers preferably a veteran, one who knows how to control the pace, and handle the ball.”

Let’s be honest, Sasha Vujacic, Adam Morrison, Luke Walton aren’t exactly guys that are coveted or even really that important to any team excerpt the Lakers. What would you like to see happen?

“Luke does not have a job outside of the Lakers. Morrison , well once he gets comfortable in the offense, will have a similar role to Radmonovic.” [which is to say he'll be traded for a coke and a bag of chips?]


This is pretty good.

You know, I remember watching the 12/30/07 game at Staples with a bunch of friends. We were drunk and the sound was low. It wasn't until the fourth quarter that we figured out Vlad Radmanowhatsit and Sasha Vigatich were separate players.

Still not sure how he subsequently became a phenom to LA fans.

15 minutes, I guess.


FLCeltsFan said...

And Vujawhatsit isn't even good enough to make the Slovenian national team. They cut him. I mean how bad do you have to be not to make the Slovenian national team???????

Lex said...

I didn't hear that. That's great!!

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